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We save you the hassle and time of loading your equipment into a clean car and allowing you to have your garden machinery serviced onsite with an appointment that suits you.


Servicing anually is always the best way to keep your lawnmower or garden machinery running at its best. We can check over and replace any parts before they fail completley,  causing more damage in the long run. By changing the oil and other engine parts it will also stop the machine from runnning rough or overheating.


Blunt tools will make a job twice as long and could also damage grass, it will rip it rather than provide a smooth cut. We sharpen all blades, shears, chainsaw chains, hedgetrimmer blades and many more of your items.



From time to time your garden equipment may require some general repairs. Some bigger than others but we can supply all parts for most  machines at a lower cost than a main dealership.

Machinery Sales/Parts


We supply all brands of parts and also all leading brands of new garden equipment, if your current tools are past the point of repair or you just want to upgrade! Talk to us about your requirements and we will help.

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